[masterfalcon] 6-7-05 - (12:05 pm)
Interesting Fact - Rated G

Ewan McGregor not only played Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars episodes 1, 2 & 3 but he was also Christian (The main male character) in Moulin Rouge! and the voice of Rodney Copperbottom in the recent movie "Robots."

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[masterfalcon] 5-24-05 - (4:13 pm)
Member Introduction
-Name You Want To Be Called: Jason
-Which State You Live In: Maryland
-Favorite Film Genre(s): Action & Adventure
-Favorite Film(s): Best of the Best & Lord of the Rings Trilogy
-Favorite Film Series: Fraiser

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[masterfalcon] 5-24-05 - (2:16 pm)
Review of BLADE Trinity - R

Note: This is my first ever "movie review" so please have patience and be kind in your reviews. Contains possible spoilers (they are cut).

Well, to say the least, Wesley Snipes (AKA Blade) and Kris Kristofferson (AKA Whistler) return in a brilliant performance of action and comedy. They are joined by newcomers to the series: Jessica Biel (AKA Abigail Whistler) and Ryan Reynolds (AKA  Hannibal King), two members of the Nightstalkers. Dominic Purcell (AKA Drake/Dracula) gives a stellar performance, however, the new Blade "Crew" is breath taking.

Hannibal King is funny as hell! His jokes, facial expressions, everything causes you to laugh! His character and acting is a great addition to the BLADE story. Abigail also had a strong showing, kicking ass with elegant grace only matched by her beauty. It was odd seeing a member of Seventh Heaven's cast in a BLADE movie, but she filled the role with what seemed to be little effort.

Blade and Whistler were amazing as always. Now wanted by the FBI, Blade must turn to others for help (which he never really admits he has to do) in his battle against both worlds. Whistler is more of a father figure in his movie, showing his deep concern for Blade and his quest to rid the world of vampires. However, when the time called for it, Whistler was kicking ass all over the place!

This movie seemed more lighthearted than the first two, even though there was much more riding on its outcome. The added comedy worked well with the feel of the movie and gave the viewer time to relax between battles, only to be brought back to the edge of their seat by the special effects and fighting scenes. As for the special effects: although there were a lot in this installment of the series, they were realistic in the way they were presented. Unlike the fights in the second BLADE that was made to look more like a comic book, the fights in Trinity were more grounded and offered more jaw dropping impact.

Dracula's special effects were mind blowing, although I was personally a little confused at... (Click here to find out what confused me. Contains Possible Spoiler.Collapse )

Finally, the ending lacked a bit, failing to give a solid ending to the series, however, the movie itself was an excellent closure to the BLADE series. In my opinion, it was easily the best movie out of the three. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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[masterfalcon] 5-20-05 - (11:12 pm)

Come one, come all! Welcome to the new Film Fans community. The community and its details are still in the works but you are more than welcome to sign up and start posting at will! In about a week or two, once things settle into a routine, we will have a surprise for all the current members. I am not going to reveal anything yet but it is going to be fun!

Anything involving films can be posted in this community. From reviews to questions, to rants to interesting finds. It can all go here. We want it here! Give it to us baby!

I must ask you not to use the film strip images on either side of this text and the main logo above without my permission as I made them from scratch. It took me a long time and I am proud of them so please ask.

That's all for tonight. Hopefully, by the end of this weekend I will get a film review posted for your viewing pleasure. Have a good one!

P.S. Please have patience as I will be changing the text layout as entries are posted. Thank you!

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